System Properties
This is a small program written in C# which allows to change/add/delete windows environment variables. More features maybe developed later.
It is writting in C# using .NET Framework 2.0. The application won't run if you don't have the .NET framework installed (this is available via Windowsupdate or as a separate download.

The main advantage compared to the original windows dialog to change environment variables it that the windows is resizeable and the variable values can be entered in a multiline textbox.
Also a nice list based dialog is provided. The variable value is splitted in multiple list items separated by a custom separator character.

User or system based variables can be modified. No security checks are implemented to prevent normal users to change system variables. Maybe this is handled by the OS itself.


The software is available under GPL License.
Please contribute your changes back.
The application icon comes from the nuoveXT icon package available at
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the program.
Version   Changes
  • Resizing the main window fixed (now also the content will be resized)
  • Variable name is now shown in title of edit dialog.
  • Menu bar
  • About box
  • Completely rewritten the application using .NET 2.0   The old .NET 1.1 version is still available here
  • Allow to change user and system variables
  • Implemented a list view of the variable. Value string is separated by a custom separator character.
  • Changes are not stored immediately - all changes are made persitent at once. Reverting the changes is also possible.
  • Add check if there is some unsaved data before exiting.
  • More features.....
Known problems:
  • Currently no known problems. Please let me know if you find any.

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