Environment Variables is now longer maintained, but there is the System Properties application available. Have a look at it.
Environment Variables
This is a small program written in C# which allows to change/add/delete windows environment variables. It is only tested using WinXP using .NET framework 1.1. Maybe it runs also on other Windows and .NET versions.

It only support system variables and not user specific ones.

For the software engineering point of view the program is quite crappy, but it does what's expected.


The software is available under GPL License. Please contribute your changes back.
The application icon comes from the nuoveXT icon package available at
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the program.
Version   Changes
  • Allow to specify the value of an environment variable when adding a new one.
  • Initial release
  • Separate the GUI from the code which reads/writes the environment variables. A caching mechanism should be implemented, so that all changes are applied at once and not when they occur.
  • Change the line wrapping mechanism so that it only wraps at the separator char and not when there is a whitespace. (At least for the PATH variable. Does this makes sense for other variables?)
  • Add images to the buttons.
  • Create a nifty about box.
Known problems:
  • All operations are quite slow, because the System.Management operations are quite expensive. This may change in a future release of the .NET framework.

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